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Whether you’re trying to become more innovative, agile or inclusive, changing culture is really a matter of changing shared everyday habits. Those habits are motivated by clear principles, reinforced by congruent systems and modelled by leaders across the organisation.

Rather than mistaking priorities for strategies, we work with clients to see through the behaviour change that yields the culture they’re looking for.


In 2016, NLI published the first paper on how not just individuals, but organisations, can hold fixed or growth mindsets.

The Idea Report: Growth Mindset Culture follows that up through interviewing global organisations making growth mindset come alive and exploring the science underlying what makes the relevant talent innovations work.


How Culture Change Really Happens

NLI’s research has repeatedly found that to change a given culture, organisations must embrace the science of behaviour change.

n NLI’s new white paper, “How Culture Change Really Happens,” leaders will discover why most change efforts fail and learn which strategies can make the efforts work for their organisation. 

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