While Diversity and Inclusion requires many strategies, we focus on two breakthroughs that are
crucial to wide-scale change.

We developed the world’s first model for mitigating bias, rather than just raising awareness.
And we’re experts in shifting just the right habits to create more everyday inclusion.


Prioritising Diversity and Inclusion isn’t enough. And if executed the
wrong way, programs can backfire.

The key is to understand the cognitive mechanics that hamper — and
support — diversity and inclusion.

As spotting unconscious bias in your own mind is exceedingly
difficult, we teach team members to call it out in one another. Focusing on differences only increases out-groups, Focussing cultivate in-groups.

In short: Work with the architecture of the brain, not against it.

Photograph by Sean Prior / Alamy

Approaching Diversity with the Brain in Mind

by Khalil Smith and
David Rock


NLI Perspectives: Cultures of Inclusion

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In “Cultures of Inclusion,” we’ve compiled seven articles and blog posts capturing the NLI perspective on inclusion — pieces that bust myths, shed light, and offer advice. Implemented correctly, we believe they can help any team work more effectively.

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